Voting is Still Slavery

The act of voting in a single and mandatory system is an act of aggression. The only way voting works is in voluntary groups where people agree unanimously and if a person does not agree to the prevailing conse...

Patents Shackle: But Ideas are Born Free

If you have a great idea or invention that you think will benefit humanity, please consider open sourcing it, rather than copyrighting and patenting it. Another important aspect of this is that you consider wor...
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Can a Christian Be an Anarchist?

Larken Rose interviews Dann McCreary for an interesting perspective on the compatibility of Christianity and Anarchism. For those who don't know Larken Rose, you should know that he and his wife were imp...
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How a Free Society Could Work

  In this video, Michael Shanklin (facebook), (web: ) gives a talk about how a free, non-coersive society might work. Video:
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Tessa Rose Explains: What Anarchy Isn’t

Please take a few minutes and listen to Tessa Rose, wife of Larken Rose, explain what Anarchy isn't.   Anarchy Does Not Mean: No coopera...
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Government: We are Better Than You

Let's have us a quick lesson in etymology.  If I am wrong, then we both learn something! Monarchy.  Mon=1.  Arch=Rule.  Monarch is one ruler.  How this works is dependent on the ethics of one person. ...